Your Local Residential Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Experts

Want to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful outdoor space but don’t have the time, skills, or patience to keep up with lawn mowing & maintenance? At Snell Landscape Services we understand that a well-maintained lawn helps your home stand out and provides you with peace of mind. It takes work, time, effort, and expertise to keep your lawn looking its best. We’re local and reliable full-service landscapers offering a wide range of lawn maintenance programs for homeowners just like you.

Custom Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Solutions

Regardless of whether the lawn is fertilized or receives applications of control products, proper mowing practices are essential if a high-quality lawn is to develop. Properly mowed lawns will have fewer weed populations, better moisture stresses tolerance and generally better quality than lawns not properly mowed. Together, we’ll develop a custom program that suits the demands of your property.

Full-Service Residential Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Services

If you’re tired of lackluster mowing & maintenance results then let us do the work! We’re dedicated to helping property owners in Northwest PA maintain their properties including getting the most out of their lawn. When you enlist our help, we’ll work with you to develop a lawn mowing & maintenance plan that suits your needs as well as your budget. From basic lawn mowing to more detailed services, we’re here to tackle all things lawn-related so that your exterior looks great season after season, year after year. We offer a full suite of mowing services including, but not limited to:

  • Mowing & maintenance
  • String trimming
  • Brush cutting

Our motto is simple, provide exceptional service to every customer, each and every time we visit your property. Experience the meaning of landscaping done right and request a free residential lawn mowing & maintenance quote today.